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Gorkhali Hartalika Teej Nepal

Mata Shri Mangla Ji and Shri Bhole ji Maharaj shower their blessings during the celebrations of Teej festival. Gorkhali Hartalika Teej festival is celebrated by women all over Nepal for three days. Decked up in red sarees, red tika, and bangles, women sing and dance to traditional folk songs for days.

Gorkhali Hartalika Teej Nepal

Gorkhali Hartalika Teej Nepal

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Mumbai Kauthig

On this occasion, while greeting all the migrants Mata Shri Mangala Ji said that along with the expansion of the culture of Uttarakhand, an event like Kauthig has also given a new dimension to the identity of Uttarakhandis. Shri Mata Ji also said that the people of Devbhoomi hold a special place in the world only because of our prompt fulfilment of our cultural and social responsibilities.

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